Who is Randy West?

Affiliate Marketer

Serial Entrepreneur

Project Manager

Randy West
Randy West

Launching (always) a new project...

Teaches English on YouTube and with SpeediEnglish

Manifested specificly designed shirts at Lotte Mart

Has lots more relationship data and motivation to apply AstroDates, thanks to Khánh

Launched Dynamic Danang

Turned childhood hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD, into an asset

Launched Beyond Horoscope to apply Location Astrology

Founded the Bytique Website Builder business

Drives a motorbike for agility

Manifested new crowns by not pulling the tooth roots

Relocated to Danang, Vietnam

Made full-time income by NOT driving for Uber with Uber Invite Code, then Uber Promo Code, and then Uber Eats

Got paid to drive a brand new car in San Francisco

Manifested free rent in San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area

Moved into the very building in Alameda chosen from the air

Made Astro Dates, the first application of Jung's Synchronicity for relationships

Relocated to Alameda, California

Relocated to Santa Barbara, California

Psychology at New Mexico Theological Seminary, Santa Fe

Began Web Design with TapSuccess LLC in 2003

Put Yikes! into Showcase, PPA's Photography Annual

Received PPA Merits for Peter, New Mexico Supreme Court, and Yikes!

Relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Philosophy at U C Santa Cruz

Relocated to Santa Cruz, California

Had the recommended Certification book by following intuition

Aced the PPA Certification exam with one day notice

Graphic Design at Linn-Benton Community College

Published The Brothers by author and partner, Judi Beckley

Relocated to Corvallis, Oregon

Joined the Bahá'í community in New Berlin, Wisconsin

Swam one full mile in boy scouts by relaxing and allowing the process

Hit a grand slam homerun in baseball by analyzing the mis-swings of other batters

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hometown of the United States media accent

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